Kids who don’t understand medical science, will understand our magic!

Children are usually afraid of doctors, of dentist, and of their scary instruments.

Our mission at Brave Potions is to create a new level of complicity between your kids and their doctors by using something similar to modern medicine: Magic.

What do we do?

The effects of a child’s fear of doctors greatly harms the efficiency of all medical centres, forcing them to focus more resources on paediatric patients and to hire more staff than it would otherwise be needed.

We offer doctors and dentists the “Super Powers” they need to overcome this problem: with our augmented reality, we teach the kids the magic of medicine, we convince them that they can fight their illnesses and – thanks to their doctors – become our (super)heroes.

How does it work?

Our product Super Powers has been created while keeping in mind the needs of every paediatric ward and paediatric medical centre.

The product comprehends physical and digital materials that the centre will need to transform any medical treatment into a child’s most positive, magic and funny experience. With “Super Powers” every doctor’s appointment and dentist’s treatment will be easy. Discover more about our Super Powers service!

We can give you the magic potions to make you a...

Magic Doctor!

See how...

Super Parent!

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